One thing that made Americans stand out while traveling in Europe, were the HUGE luggage many were dragging. Since many people city- or country-hop while visiting Europe, packing light is so essential to your overall experience. Remember those flights I mentioned I had to catch in my Greece Blog, there’s no way I would have made each flight if I had checked bags.

When many of you saw my small carry-on, you couldn’t believe I only had this one bag for a week. So many people were shocked at how much I was able to pack in such a little bag, so here’s a break down:

One Week in a Carry-on 5 T-shirts

2 tanks

1 maxi dress

2 pair of shorts

3 pair of tights (women)

1 pair of jeans

1 long sleeve shirt

1 jacket or sweater (for everyday wear)

1 Swimsuit

1 pair of sandals

1 pair of tennis shoes – that you’ll have on already