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connecting the dots of discovery worldwide

Travel is the best way to learn about the world and connect with others from all corners of the United States on a shared adventure. At the Global Intent, we're committed to curating immersed group travel experiences that bridges the gap between culture and connection while traveling to destinations comprising the African diaspora. 


It’s one thing to read about the world. It’s another to see and feel it come vividly alive inside our own selves. It's in every footstep taken. Every conversation spoken in a blend of native languages. Every flavor savored with each accompanying heartfelt conversation. Global Intent is turning strangers into friends and unfamiliar landscapes into cherished memories, contributing to a more enlightened and connected global community. 


We're excited to explore with you!

Group of Women in Tanzania

"you've just got to see it for yourself!"

opportunities to connect

Group in ghana



We offer yearly adventures to destinations all over the world, with a focus on destinations in the African diaspora. Our yearly adventures are designed to be immersive and educational, and they offer the opportunity to volunteer your time and give back to the community.




Are you a culinary expert or a foodie? Maybe you're a Realtor looking to explore real estate abroad. Or perhaps you're looking for wellness retreats to unwind Our curated experiences are designed to be informative and fun, and they offer the opportunity to meet new people with specific interests and learn new things.

Hotel Swimming Pool

group travel management

Need help researching, planning, or facilitating group travel for ten or more? Submit an inquiry today to get started. Whether you’re a solopreneur or a start-up team of 150, we can help you book flights, hotels, transportation, and other travel arrangements. We offer group travel management for  start-ups of all sizes.

our commitment to excellence

Our Vision: We see the world as our classroom, not only for enriching personal and professional growth, but also for fostering a tapestry of cultural awareness and global unity. We're driven by the belief that travel carries the torch of positive change, and as we become advocates of responsible travel, we nurture local economies and leave positive impact in the communities we touch.


Our Mission: We believe everyone should be able to travel the world and experience new cultures. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible travel experiences while also supporting responsible travel practices.

some of our favorite places to visit

Rwanda Flag


Trekking gorillas in the rainforest.

South African Flag
Kenya Flag
Barbados Flag
Ghana Flag
Tanzania flag

South Africa:

Hiking Table Mounting with stunning views 


Game drive in the Massai Mara spotting wildlife


Spices, herbs, and platinum coast beaches


Fishing villages, Akan drums and vibrant music


Safari in the Serengeti with the big five


the global intent

What started as a travel group specializing in Global VolunTourism from the Black Millennial perspective has now expanded to a full-service travel agency that gives spaces for like minds to connect. Since 2015, we have specialized in “voluntourism,” a word we define as an integrated combination of intentional tourism, the genuine impulse to help, and wanderlust to experience cultures abroad.

Our Founder and Chief Experience Officer, Jada Davis, was born in the ambitious city of Memphis, so it is of no surprise that she is not a stranger to hard work. As a multi-faceted serial entrepreneur and travel enthusiast, she has visited over 20 countries leading global group excursions for thousands of travelers. As the child of full-time entrepreneurs, her love of travel started as a child while exploring the world, attending expos, conferences, and global forums. Since then, The Global Intent became the first black travel group to drive American tourism to Tanzania and Zanzibar.

Through her travel initiatives, Jada helps students in underserved communities with passports and travel grants so they, too, can gain a global perspective through one-of-a-kind programming and fundraising.


Our team of travel experts encourages travelers from diverse backgrounds to join the next adventure while understanding that the destinations are favorable towards locations that comprise the African diaspora. We're committed to responsible travel by choosing to buy locally in the countries we visit and contributing to service projects that will invest in the personal and professional development of the citizens.

Founder, Jada Davis

"not all those who wander are lost."


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